Friday, 25 January 2013

My new home

My name is Oliver and I am 12 weeks old. 
My breeder found me a good home with my new mummy and daddy, Emma and Scott. 
My first day has been very tiring, I got to meet 3 bigger dogs called Alaska, Aiden and April. I like April the most she's only young like me. I found my favorite place to sleep on mummy's chest. 
I went to bed and cried until 5am as I miss my brother very much but I did fall asleep, I think mummy and daddy were glad for the quiet.
Mummy likes to take many photo's of me and keeps saying how cute I am. 
I like to lick mummy and daddy's faces, ears and chew on their fingers. 
Here's some pictures mummy took of me.

See you soon. :)
Oliver x

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