Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 4 confidence and happiness

Hey everyone,
I slept well last night and went straight to sleep until 4am when I woke up and wanted my mummy, mummy finally gave in at 6am and I spent 2 hours sleeping in her arms while she slept, I felt safe. I love feeling safe.
I've had a really weird day, mummy left me for the first time since I arrived today. She wasn't gone for long but I had to prove I was a big boy and wait for her to come home. 
I am really good at walking on my back legs, mummy said she wants to teach me to dance. 
I was filmed playing with April tonight so keep your eyes open for that tomorrow! 
I'm gaining confidence every day and am now confident enough to go and take toys from April, Alaska and Aiden. I'm also confident enough to sleep in April's fur, it's very soft.
I even humped daddy's arm!
I'm just getting started with my antics! I wonder what else I have in store for mummy, daddy and the Sheltie clan.


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