Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 3 a day of sleeping

Mummy said I slept badly last night, it was becoming light when I finally went to sleep. 
I love my daddy and mummy very much and being away from them all night makes me sad. 
I got to spend today with mummy, daddy and uncle Ben, mummy's 12 year old brother.
Today I napped most of the day because I was tired from being up all night.
I enjoyed playing with my toy today and me and April are becoming very good friends.
Mummy says I was suppose to have a "chip" done today, whatever that means but the snow was too deep to get there. I wonder if it means food? 
Speaking of food I decided I like the food mummy gives me more than the food I arrived here with so now I pick out all the food mummy gives me and eat it and leave the rest, it's made my tummy rumble a bit but mummy says I will feel better soon.

I've been exploring the lounge alot today and I tried my best to get onto the sofa with my toy but my little legs couldn't carry both me and my toy. 

Me and mummy fell asleep on the sofa earlier and I slept next to her the whole time with my head on her face. Mummy enjoyed it I think and I did too. 

I got to eat some mince meat today too it was very tasty but I think I ate too much too fast.

Love Oliver x

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