Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 5 coming into my own

Hello everyone,
I have a facebook page now! Mummy can upload pictures for me to show me off.
So please "like" my page.

Yesterday I told you about mummy filming me playing with April, well here's the video.

My jumpers arrived today, mummy says I need them at the moment because it's so cold and I'm only young. I have a blue one and a dark purple one, I don't like them much but they say I will get used to them.

The weathers really bad here at the moment and I'm a bit scared of the wind on the windows, April's keeping me company though! Alaska's warming up to me, she was a little bit scared of me at first.
I slept well last night, I went straight to sleep but woke about 5.30 am and cried, mummy hasn't stopped yawning since I arrived I think she will be glad when I sleep through the night.
Daddy's bought me something, something about "spiderman" whatever that is? Mummy says' she's sorry but daddy insists. I wonder why she's sorry?
Mummy's taking me to pets at home this week, she said she will carry me as I'm not fully vaccinated yet. It will help me socialize.
Oliver x

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