Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's been a while.

Hi everyone,

It's been a while because mummy's been too busy to let me on her laptop.
Yesterday I went and had my 2nd vaccine and got microchipped, I was very brave I didn't cry or anything. The vet said I was a very manly chihuahua.

I've been really good comforting mummy and uncle Ben yesterday when they were upset. My itching has almost completely stopped now so mum and dad think I have some form of food allergy but this new hypoallergenic food seems to be doing the trick.

Mummy gave into temptation and bought me something to wear for Halloween, even though it's months off. It's a bumble bee hoody. It's way too big on me but mummy says it will fit by October, mummy thinks the local kids will love it.

Mummy has said she wants me to become a PAT dog, whatever that means. She said my size may mean more people in hospital benefit from a doggy visit. But that's a while away yet.

Mummy took these pics of me yesterday afternoon but got distracted by everything and forgot to put them up so I will put them up now

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